B.M.S. Fitness Introduction

Hi I'm Anthony and Welcome to B.M.S. Fitness!!!

I offer a PT service tailored towards the individual. I don't believe in a "one size fits all" system for fitness. 

I'm an NCSF Certified Trainer with 9 Years of experience working with clients in all aspects including weight loss and strength training. My service offers fitness as a way to build towards your goals but also as a form of stress relief. 

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What Do I Offer?

- I offer 1 hour consultations so that every program is individualized according to the person and their needs.

- I offer flexible programming so that busy people can train whenever their schedule allows.

- I offer strength training and mobility so that no matter your age you can still do everyday activities.

- I offer nutrition advice that isn't restrictive so that you can enjoy food without feeling guilty.

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PT Services

I recognize that training needs are individual – that’s why I offer dedicated one-on-one training sessions to help you achieve your goals. My training sessions take place in a PT studio called the fit faction which is located at 127 W 26th Street.

Every Session is 60 Min with an emphasis on what you need.